UK Government guidelines on moving home

During this stressful and challenging time, many of you who have reserved or contracted on a new Allanwater home will be concerned that during this ‘stay at home period’ you will not be able to continue to move home.


The UK government have issued advice regarding this situation and states that “there is no need to pull out of any transactions. Where the property is vacant, then you can continue with your transaction, although you should follow the guidance on home removals.”


Clear guidance has also been given to conveyancers saying they should “continue to support the sales of unoccupied properties as far as possible.”


While we are stressing that public health must still be a priority, if you have exchanged contracts and are due to move into your new home, then providing you can arrange furniture removal either by car or van, then you can.


Some removal companies have said they will honour any committed bookings where the move can be made safely, and the moving in date cannot be changed.  


We will try to accommodate, where possible, a safe passage into your new home and a hand over of the keys.


If however, you have not exchanged contracts yet, banks and building societies have agreed to extend mortgage offers up to an additional three months enabling you to move at a later date without jeopardising any deals you may have agreed.


Also, many solicitors have agreed to delay clauses and are negotiating mutually acceptable completion dates. If we all work together, we can maintain your dream of moving into a new home.


How long is this expected to last?


We have been told that the current lockdown is expected to be in place for three weeks and at that point will be reaccessed.


Of course, there is no guarantee that this will change after this period. 




A) Buyers who are due to move into an empty new build property will be allowed to go ahead.


B) Banks and building societies will extend all mortgage offers on properties where completion dates have been postponed for health and safety reasons.


We will be adding new articles to this page of our website regularly and to you of any changes or updates to the current situation.


Source: information taken from Homes for Scotland