Life on the inside

Stuck indoors? Binged enough TV? Then why not try something new – taking up a new hobby can be really good for you, not just to keep you busy, but it can help your mental wellbeing during this period of isolation.

If you’re not sure what to take up, here are some ideas for new hobbies to try.


If you want to be creative, impress your friends with some new wall art then there are some great tutorials on YouTube. With a set of brushes, paint, paper and a jar of water, you can learn anything from acrylics to watercolours.

Creative writing

Let your imagination go wild with some free online creative writing courses. You can learn how to create characters, build storylines and develop ideas, who knows you could be the next bestseller.

Play the guitar

For those interested in becoming the next Ed Sheran, try mastering that guitar you’ve had stuck in the corner. From the basic chord structure to famous songs, there are some good guitar tutorials online.


With Spring in the air now is an ideal time to sort out your garden and there is nothing more refreshing than clearing up those weeds and watching new plants grow and thrive. Along with that, you’ll have plenty of fresh air.

Learn a language

While you might not get away on holiday this year, why not teach yourself a new language for next years so you can be fluent with the natives. Try Babbel an online app with courses from absolute beginners to those more skilled.


There’s nothing like a good stretch in the morning to improve your flexibility. Take up some gentle daily yoga to keep you fit and healthy with some classes online.

There’s no need to be cooped up and bored with life on the inside, try one of these new hobby ideas and who knows what you can learn.

Stay safe and stay healthy.