First-Time Buyers

Embarking on your first step onto the Property Ladder

Despite the end of the Help to Buy scheme, affordable buying plans, lucrative mortgage incentives, and standard energy efficiency make purchasing a new home an attainable dream for first-time buyers.

First time buyer

An untouched Canvas

Buying your first home is a profoundly unique and indescribable experience. Choosing a new-build property ensures a perfect blank canvas untainted by previous owners. This allows you a fresh start and complete liberty to inject it with your essence, making it exclusively yours.


Our eco-friendly homes, with state-of-the-art energy and water-saving appliances, foster significant energy conservation. This commitment to sustainability benefits the environment and promotes cost-efficiency. With highly efficient central heating systems, double-glazed windows, and patio doors, your sustainable future begins at home with us!

Choice of locations

For first-time buyers aiming to establish homeownership, your dream home could be nearer than anticipated. With a vast array of properties in sought-after locations across Central Scotland, we assure you of finding the perfect home tailored to your preferences and needs.

Premier Guarantee

Your New Homes Warranty comes with a 10-year structural guarantee, protecting you against substantial damage resulting from structural defects or drainage system faults due to non-adherence to building regulation technical requirements. This assurance lasts throughout the entire warranty duration.