Some of the best colours for each room in the house

When you move into a new Allanwater Home, you have a blank canvas to work with when it comes to decorating each room. You may already have a fistful of paint swatches and have a good idea of how you want each room to look but if you have no idea where to start, read on…

For every room, there is a colour that best suits it for several reasons:


Yellow is the best colour for your kitchen. A cheerful colour that helps to stimulate the appetite, increase metabolism and make you feel more energetic. Yellow is also a great colour to use to make a room seem bigger.

Dining Room

For the dining room, a colour that can make people feel hungry and stimulate conversation is what is needed. We have already mentioned that yellow is great for encouraging the appetite but for the dining room, the colour has to be red. Red also raises energy and helps to draw people together – perfect for dinner!


The lounge is a place of calm, a place for the whole family to congregate and relax after an exciting day. Lavender is a colour that helps to calm nerves and bring relaxation.


Green is a restful colour that helps relieve stress and bring sleep and represents tranquillity and health. Mixed with calming tones of blue and soft yellows, you’re sure to feel the peaceful effects of this in no time.

We used green for one of our bedrooms in the Grampian Showhome at The Views:

Pastel green bedroom

Pastel greens for bedroom

Home Office

The most popular colour for an office is blue. This is because it is a productive colour that also has a calming effect. The brighter the shade the better!

White is even a suitable colour for your home office as this is a colour that reflects more light and makes people feel optimistic – exactly what you might need when handling a big project or task.

pastel tone office

Pastel tones for home office

Have we not mentioned your favourite colour yet? Don’t worry! Here are some colours that are great options:

  • Brown for practical and earthy tones. Could be used in: Bedroom, lounge
Beige and gold for the bedroom

Beige and gold for the bedroom

  • Orange for excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. Could be used in: Kitchen, home office.
  • Pink is another calming and warm colour to use. Could be used in: Bedroom, lounge.
  • Purple represents wealth, success and wisdom and is a good colour to encourage creativity. Could be used in: Home office.
  • Black, white, silver and gold are all colours that are used to enhance sophistication and luxury. Could be used in: Dining room, lounge, bedroom.
Brown tones for the dining room

Brown tones for the dining room

Of course, you’ll have your own ideas of what colours work best in which rooms – we all have different styles and tastes after all! How will you be decorating your new home? We’d love to see what you’ve done. Please feel free to share your pictures with us on our social media channels.