The Declutter Challenge

Have you recently been feeling a bit fed up of how much clutter you seem to accumulate around the house? We have a challenge for you – declutter something every day for the next 30 days!

Day 1 – Deep clean the fridge – check expiration dates and throw things away.

Day 2 – Get rid of unused candles or candles that have next to no wick or wax left

Day 3 – Go through the kitchen cupboards. Take a note of all the things that need to get used up before their expiry dates

Day 4 – Sort through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you have never worn or has seen better days

Day 5 – Go through your other kitchen cupboards and remove any chipped plates or items that you don’t use.

Day 6 – Still have old VHS tapes? Time to go! The same goes for any DVDs you don’t watch.

Day 7 – Have loads of batteries lying around? Sort through them and dispose of the dead ones

Day 8 – Tupperware seems to be a never-ending nightmare in the kitchen. Try and pair up the tubs with the lids. If there are any lids without tubs or tubs without lids, recycle them!

Day 9 – Recycle old technology that no longer works

Day 10 – Clean out your medicine cabinet

Day 11 – Sort through your books and donate any you will never read again

Day 12 -Recycle any old magazines and catalogues you have lying around

Day 13 – Toss all socks that have been missing their partner for some time

Day 14 – Any almost empty shampoo or make up products in the bathroom cabinet? If you aren’t going to use them up any time soon, get rid of them.

Day 15 –  What do you currently keep in your bedside table? If there is anything that doesn’t belong there, find a new space for it or dispose of anything you don’t need.

Day 16 – Where do you keep your cleaning products? Many people keep them stored up under the kitchen sink. Sort through this space and arrange the cleaning products you use the most to sit near the front.

Day 17 – Do you have a towel or linen cupboard that’s overflowing? We bet there are bedsheets and towels in there that you will never use again…

Day 18 – Is there a pile of paperwork anywhere? Time to sort through it all!

Day 19 – Are there extra coat hangers in your wardrobe? See if there is anywhere else they might come in handy or toss them.

Day 20 – Go through the kid’s toys with them and donate anything they no longer want to play with.

Day 21 – Do you still have empty boxes from your move to your new home lying around? Recycle them or see if anyone else needs them.

Day 22 – Do you have any duplicates of anything? If you don’t need more than one, get rid of the others.

Day 23 – How is the garage or garden shed looking? Create space by re-organising the space and getting rid of old and unused tools or gardening equipment.

Day 24 – Are there any décor bits and pieces lying around such as picture frames and vases? If you can’t find a space for them then they aren’t needed.

Day 25 – If you have a pet, make sure you declutter for them too! Remove any old toys or expired food and medicine.

Day 26 – Get rid of any old, tattered shoes and coats

Day 27 – Does any of your jewellery look tarnished or broken? If you can’t fix it, toss it.

Day 28 – While you declutter the house, don’t forget the car! Hoover up all the dust and crumbs, get rid of any rubbish and give the dashboard a quick wipe.

Day 29 – Your computer might be in need of a declutter as much as your home. Arrange your desktop and files into organised folders. Don’t forget to back up important files or things you want to keep.

Day 30 – Your phone needs a declutter too! Uninstall unused apps and back up and delete your pictures.

If you are having any trouble with any of these suggestions, ask yourself the following questions:

Have I used this in the last year?

Will I use it in the year ahead?

Would I buy this again?

If it’s broken, is it worth fixing?

Would I keep this if I moved?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, say goodbye.

Are you ready for the declutter challenge? Where will you start?