How to keep your windows streak free when cleaning

There’s nothing worse when looking out the windows and all you see are streaks and smears or a community of spiders and flies.

Cleaning windows can be a challenge, so here are some tips and tricks to help you have streak-free windows.

Use a squeegee just like the pro’s

With a bucket of hot water and a few drops of washing up liquid, you’re all set to go. The washing up liquid will not only lift the dirt off but suspend it in the liquid solution until you are able to squeegee it off.

Use eyeglass cloth to clear away smudges

Here’s a quick tip to remove smudges, use the kind of cloth you have to clean your glasses, most pharmacies sell these. Spray the cloth with water and wipe over any smudges or spots on the glass for a crystal clear finish.

How to check for streaks

The problem I always have with streaks is I never can tell whether they are on the inside or outside of the window. Here’s a little trick that helps you identify this. When you clean the outside use horizontal motions and on the inside use vertical motions. This way you can easily see which side of the window has streaks.

Cleaning window sills

It’s always a good idea to vacuum your window sill before cleaning the windows, that way you can be sure of clearing away any spiders, dust, etc. Remember to put the brush tool on first.

Newspaper or cloth

There is an old wives tale that using newspaper to dry off your windows is supposed to help avoid streaks. However, while the newspaper leaves an oily resin n the window which helps to stop streaks. The last thing you want is dark splurges on your white walls or window surrounds. Personally, I prefer using a microfiber cloth.

Window Screen

If you have window screen you’ll know how they accumulate dust and other things during the summer months. You don’t have to always wash them, a dry microfiber cloth extends through the screen and wipes away any dust that has gathered.

Spiders webs

Last but not least use a broom with a rag wrapped around it to clear away these pesky spider webs. Then using the washing up liquid in the hot water, clean the dirt off the windows and dry with a squeegee or microfiber cloth.

With these tips and tricks your windows will sparkle, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours and it will brighten up your whole house.

Watch out for more cleaning tips.