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10 Practical Home Storage Tips to Declutter and Organise

A well-organised home is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates a smoother daily routine. With the rise of minimalism and Marie Kondo’s philosophy of keeping what “sparks joy,” many have sought to declutter and optimise their living spaces. Home storage solutions play a pivotal role in this quest for organised serenity. Here are ten practical home storage tips to help you reclaim your space and maintain a peaceful home environment.

1. Embrace Vertical Space

Often overlooked, vertical space is a gold mine for storage. Install shelves above doorways or hang a pegboard on an empty wall to organise tools, kitchen utensils, or craft supplies. Tall, narrow shelving units can also take advantage of high ceilings, providing ample storage without occupying too much floor space.

2. Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage is a boon for small spaces. Consider using ottomans with hidden compartments, beds with built-in drawers, or coffee tables with extra shelving. These pieces keep your belongings accessible but out of sight, offering a clean and uncluttered look.

3. Utilise Hidden Areas

Use typically ignored spaces, such as under the bed or the area underneath hanging clothes in your closet. Under-bed storage containers can store out-of-season clothing, blankets, or shoes, while under-closet organisers can hold smaller items such as accessories or handbags.

4. Declutter Regularly

Decluttering is a process, not a one-time task. Regularly assess your possessions and remove items you no longer need or use. This not only frees up space but also ensures that you’re surrounded by functional items that bring you joy.

5. Use Door Racks and Over-the-Door Organisers

The backs of doors can be turned into valuable storage territory with racks and organisers. These are perfect for everything from pantry items and spices to toiletries and cleaning supplies, keeping them handy but out of the way.

6. Opt for Clear Storage Containers

When using bins or boxes, clear options allow you to see what is inside without rummaging through or labelling each container. This is particularly useful for seasonal items, decorations, or stored goods you don’t use daily.

7. Implement Drawer Dividers

Without proper organisation, drawers can become a jumbled mess. Implement drawer dividers to keep items separated and organised. This tip works wonders for everything from kitchen utensils and office supplies to socks and underwear.

8. Go Vertical in Cabinets

Expand your storage potential inside cabinets using shelf risers, which allow you to store plates and bowls on two levels, doubling your storage space. Pull-out drawers or bins in lower cabinets can also make accessing items stored at the back more manageable.

9. Create a Drop Zone

Establish a designated drop zone for daily items such as keys, mail, and sunglasses. This can be a small table or shelf near your entrance where these items consistently go. Not only does this keep them from getting lost, but it also prevents clutter from spreading throughout your home.

10. Store Smartly in Your Garage or Attic

Consider installing sturdy shelves or ceiling-mounted storage systems for long-term storage in your garage or attic. Place items you use less frequently up high, and store things in well-labelled, durable containers that protect against dust and pests.

Integrating these practical storage tips can make any home more organised and efficient. A decluttered space breathes more quickly and promotes peace and order. Start with one tip and gradually implement others to turn your home into a sanctuary of tidiness.