Working Remotely

What can we expect when the lockdown is over? Will, we go back to the way life was before or will we have to adopt the new ‘norm’?

For nearly three months now we have been self-isolating and for many of us working remotely from home. We’ve managed to adapt, learn new things and realised that with technology working from home can be just as productive.

With that in mind leading banks and building societies are expecting an increase in buyers looking at larger homes once lockdown is over.

Many people are now considering moving to a four or five-bedroom property so they can convert one of the rooms into a home office. For some, it might mean a more extensive garden to construct a garden office.

So what are the benefits of working from home:

It costs less

 When you’re working for yourself, office space can be costly, especially if you are looking at a prime location. It makes no difference if you work from home or a rented office; you can still claim back some of the costs.


There is nothing worse than having to take time off to wait in for a tradesperson or a delivery. But working from home means you don’t have to work late to make up the time you lost; you’ll have the flexibility to deal with both. 

Environmentally friendly

Working from home gives you more control over environmental practices, and it reduces your carbon footprint. No more public transport, or stuck in traffic jams, you have control over how green you want to be.

Create your own space

It’s your office, your space to decorate and set out just as you want it. We l have different ways of working, whether it’s sitting on the sofa with your laptop or pacing the floor muttering to yourself. 

Being at home lets, you choose your environment.

Office Politics

No more office politics, trying to keep the peace or listening to idle chat and gossiping. Offering a massive bonus for everyone with fewer distractions and lets you stay more focused on what you are doing.

Your timetable

Working from home lets you set your timetable, you might be an early riser who works best in the morning, or you may prefer to work on at night and enjoy the morning sunshine or an extra hour in bed.

You can choose your music to work to or take a power nap in the afternoon.

The last few weeks have shown us that working from home can have many benefits. So if this is your ‘new norm’, then take a look at some of our stunning four and five-bedroom homes and start planning your new home office.