What happens if you have a problem?

Central heating & hot water

Check the pressure gauge at the boiler/hot water cylinder and re-pressurise if below the recommended pressure. Reset the appliance.

Check the electrical supply to the boiler, including the fuse to the spur, if applicable. (This is normally located close to the boiler.)

Look for error codes on the boiler display and refer to User Manual from your handover folder.

Contact the Customer Care Department or if outside of normal office hours the emergency service which will be detailed in your handover folder.

Water supply

Check that the water stopcock/isolating valve has not been inadvertently closed.

Check with neighbours to ascertain if other properties are affected. (This will indicate an issue with the water supplier.)

Contact Scottish Water to determine the nature of the loss of supply. You will find this number in your handover folder.

Gas leak

If you smell gas you must immediately report this to your gas supplier on 0800 111 999. They will isolate any problems and make sure you are safe.

Water leak

If the leak is containable, for example, it stops when the shower is turned off then please contact the aftercare department.

If the leak is not containable then turn off the water stopcock to prevent water from entering your property. Then contact the Aftercare department immediately or if it is out with normal hours contact the emergency service on the number detailed in your handover pack.

Avoiding blocked drains

Kitchen sink

Avoid pouring any cooking grease & solids of any kind down the sink. It is good practice to ensure that all plates are well scraped before washing them


Never flush anything other than toilet tissue.

Bathroom sink, baths and showers

Remove all traps regularly and remove any build-up of hair

Please refer to the Scottish Water Campaign Leaflet “keeping the cycle flowing” for more information on what can and what should never be flushed: