Top Kitchen Designs for 2019

As the kitchen is usually the most influential room in the house and where most people congregate we thought we’d give you an insight into the new kitchen trends for 2019.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or planning in reinventing your kitchen, here’s what some of the countries top kitchen designers are predicting.

Clever storage solutions and clean concealed integration are what many people are moving towards in the kitchen.

A trend that seems to be occurring is the open shelving with upper cabinets being replaced with glass, wood and metal. This style adds a bold statement and moves away from the minimalist approach which was popular a few years ago.

Concealed storage and open shelving

Concealed storage and open shelving

Colour is back – more people are introducing strong primary colour into their kitchen moving away from the clinical white which was popular. The most favoured colours seem to be deep or washed out greys and blues, also green is in demand all paired with beautiful fixtures in either metal or brass.

Fixtures are moving towards gunmetal and pewter away from gold or brass taps and providing a bit more depth and texture.

Coloured cabinets/Gunmetal and pewter fixtures

Coloured cabinets/Gunmetal fixtures

Wood is back in fashion with more people looking for a connection with nature. Wood is also calming and welcoming, it is versatile and timeless and is a material that we love. 

There seems to be a leaning for going back to basics with kitchens being pared down and allowing the raw materials to shine through.

Use of wood and raw materials

Use of wood and raw materials

Modern and traditional will go in harmony in 2019 with organic tiles, rattan furniture, natural stone and vintage lighting and fixtures.

Highly polished sleek finishes with contrasting textures and mirrored backsplashes are expected to be in trend for a more urban glamour feel.

Vintage Vibes & contrasting textures

Vintage Vibes & contrasting textures

With more and more Wi-Fi enabled products available for the house, it’s no surprise that digital technology provides homeowners with appliances that directly target their needs.

Integrated appliances continue to grow with induction cooktops and cooker hoods that turn on automatically making everything in the kitchen seamless

Digital Technology/integrated appliances

Digital Technology/integrated appliances

Although people like their kitchen to appear warm and welcoming, they still like a modern look without a space-age style. A mix of classic and modern will be visual in 2019 kitchen styles.

Another thriving style we expect to see is the demand for organic with a move away from the polished chrome handles. These leather and wood drawer pulls are subtle but impactful.

Classic & modern - Leather & wood

Classic & modern – Leather & wood

This is just a little insight into what you need to consider to be in trend for 2019. Let us know what your new style is for this year.