Solar Panels/lighting/windows

All our homes include solar panels that will generate electricity and reduce your household energy bills, low energy light fittings that add energy-efficient lighting without reducing the quality of the light and high-performance UPVC insulated windows and doors that not only provide insulation but reduce any external noise.

Combi boiler

Having a combi-boiler provides a combination of a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler amalgamated into one unit taking away the need for a water tank and reducing costs while saving space. As the water is taken from the tap via the mains electricity, you will find a better water pressure making for a more pleasurable shower.


To ensure there are no air leaks from our properties we construct all our homes with airtight layers that protect the thermal performance of insulation, reducing carbon emissions and reducing energy usage. It is also important to provide roof insulation to keep your home cool and your heating not having to overwork to compensate for heat loss.