Bungalows, the overlooked property choice.

We often overlook bungalows as a property choice, however, the humble bungalow has a lot to offer to all generations.

The advantage of these one level properties is versatility. Whether you’re raising a family or planning to retire here are just some reasons for buying a bungalow.

Spacious Homes

Bungalows are either detached or semi-detached, which often provides more privacy than say a terrace home.

People concerned about security are actually less at risk in a bungalow.

Two-storey houses where people are asleep upstairs are sometimes a better attraction to the night time trespassers. But with all rooms on the same level intruders are more likely to be heard.

Open Plan

Some bungalows design their living areas as open plan, which works well for families who like to spend quality time together, while still having the privacy of bedrooms and bathroom.

It’s often good for watching out for the children as they can’t hide away in an upstairs bedroom.

Prepared for the Future

The benefit of a bungalow is the ability to adapt for the future should mobility become an issue.

No stairs to climb and more customisable to adapt internally for accessibility, whether that’s widening areas by moving walls or installing ramps at the entrance.

The land surrounding a bungalow is usually sizeable, with lots of space to add an extension or build a garden office.

The design of the humble bungalow often makes conversions so much easier than any other type of property.


Our fabulous new development in Haddington, East Lothian, offers a mix of three and four bedroom bungalows.

Each home is finished to the highest specification with a modern yet elegant interior and spaciousness throughout.

The exquisite sandstone exterior includes front and rear lighting, turfed front lawn and 1.8-meter fencing to the rear.

The Royal Burgh of Haddington lies approximately 17 miles east of the capital city of Edinburgh. 

A historic and refined town, with a population of fewer than 10,000 people, this delightful area remains relatively unaltered from its original layout.

If you are looking for that somewhere special offering privacy, spacious living, sizeable gardens and room to grow. Look at Allanwater Haddington and the style and beauty of these stunning new bungalows.

Call and speak to our Sales Adviser today.