Are headboards overlooked as a furniture feature

We decorate the room and have matching covers on the bed, but we often overlook the headboard.

The headboard is more than just a decorative part of the bed, it has a much more important part to play than that. The headboard has a role to play in your relaxation and rest.

Whether you are sitting up in bed reading, browsing through your mobile phone or watching television, the headboard acts as a cushion, it also helps to keep the wall clean.

With bright colours, patterned fabrics and bold shapes you can create your ideal headboard to suit your bedroom. Size is important with today’s designers recommending you make it a focal point of the bedroom, the bigger the better.

Upholstered headboards have become popular allowing you to create a unique look and as trends change, you can also have it reupholstered to marry up with the latest trends.

Many of us believe the bedroom should be a place of relaxation and restfulness, so we tend to go for more natural tones rather than wild powerful colours. However, pinks, blues and greens can be equally as restful as greys or beiges.


Wall-mounted or free-standing headboards can offer the advantage that you don’t have to change them when you purchase a new bed.

Eyecatching finishes such as buttons, piping or studs can add that extra detail and can make a real statement.


Even with a limited budget, there are still many choices of height, fabric and shape available on the High Street. Next and Dunelm are just two of the stores offering a selection of fashionable headboards.


If you are a lover of art, then why not turn your headboard into a work of art – literally. You can now have your headboard depicting fine art replicating paintings from the National Gallery. Or why not create your own unique wall art. Just think you can have some of the greatest classic artists upholstered on to your headboards like Monet, Degas, Rembrandt or Turner.

Whatever your taste or style you decide to add to your bedroom, make sure it offers a dramatic impact – dream big!