4 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Home Office

The office can be a place of dread – especially on a Monday morning! But that doesn’t need to be the case in your home! There are several ways to turn your spare room into a bright and inspiring home office.

Whether you are looking for a place to knuckle down on important tasks or space for your creative projects, the style and layout is important to make this room a stress-free zone where you can get work done.

Here are 4 things to consider:

1. Colour – Would you like your home office to be a place of focus or a place of creativity? Depending on what you are using this room for, the colour of the room will impact your productivity.

For a simple space with all the home-office basics, neutral tones will keep you free from distractions. However, if you are wanting to be a little more productive in this room, blue is a great colour! Purple is great for creativity and orange enhances enthusiasm.

Why don’t you paint all the walls white and add a splash of colour to the wall you’ll be facing or choose a bright colour for the walls and keep the floor and ceiling trimmings white for a sharp and sophisticated look?

2.Furniture – The one thing you will need in this room without a doubt is a desk. Make sure that it’s a suitable size for the work you will be doing and fits the room properly – the last thing you need is a big bulky desk in a small space!

And of course, you’ll need a chair to go with. From cushioned seats on wheels to wooden stools, there are hundreds of office chairs to choose from. Remember this though: The best office chair is one that you’ll be most comfortable in.

One final thing to think about is if your home office is going to double up as a guest room. If so, a fold out day bed could be used as a comfortable place to lounge by day and a cosy double bed at night! Just add in some cushions and blankets to match your office style. It could come in handy when you need to take a break from all your hard work!

3. Décor – No office would be complete without some quirky accessories! Add some personality to your workspace by placing a desk lamp or house plant on your desk or even add some interesting artwork to the walls. Try not to add too much though – this could result in a messy looking desk! Which leads on to our next point…

4. Clutter – A home office wouldn’t be an office if it didn’t get a little bit cluttered from time to time. Add some storage features to keep the clutter at bay; Pots for pens, baskets for odd bits and bobs and trays for files will all help keep your desk organised.

You could even invest in a large desk with drawer space to put away the things you wouldn’t otherwise have lying around, like extra stationary and important documents.

Add some shelf space too to keep any books and folders that you might need quick access to, or as another place to put some of your office accessories!

There is no one-size-fits-all way to best have your home office. It all comes down to what you’ll be using it for and how much time you’ll be spending there, not to mention your personal tastes!

 Your home office could quickly become your favourite room in the house!

How will you be decorating yours? Let us know in the comments!