30 minutes to choose a new home.

Believe it or not we spend more time on choosing a family holiday than we do on choosing a new home.

60 percent of people in the UK take more time choosing a family holiday than choosing a new home, even though it’s much more expensive. On average we spend about £250,000 on a new home and only £4,500 on a family holiday, yet more thought goes into the latter.

Research revealed that many buyers fail to ask relevant questions about the property, don’t check windows and doors, ask about the roof or check out the plumbing. 

At least the advantages of buying a new-build property means you have a 10 year warranty to fall back on, protecting you from any major issues, you have the latest in modern insulation and double glazing and no one has lived there before so everything is brand new and less likely to have any issues.

Still 30 minutes to choose one of life’s largest investments seems a little short, take time to view the property, look around and ask questions. We want you to be sure that this is the home for you afterall we’re here to take care of all our customers efre, during and after their purchase.

Call in to any of our marketing suites and speak to our advisors, they’re here to help.