10-Year Premier Guarantee

Purchasing a new home is probably the most significant single investment you will make in your life, therefore, having a Premier Guarantee Warranty protects you from any major defects or structural issues for a period of 10 years after your home is completed.

A New Homes Warranty is designed to protect you as a homeowner of a newly built, converted or refurbished property in the first 10 years from any structural defects.

The warranty is taken out by the developer but is in place to protect the homebuyer and the mortgage lender. Typically the warranty is insurance to cover any material or structural defects that might remain undiscovered until your new home has been completed or later when the developer is no longer on site.

Premier Guarantee are one of the top three most well-known home warranties insurance company and have been established for over 20 years and provides cover for properties across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
As an innovative, flexible and customer-focused warranty provider they continue to set world-class standards throughout everything they do.

What your warranty won’t cover

Naturally, there are some items your warranty doesn’t cover such as wear and tear or weather damage or any other issues that arise from you not maintaining your property correctly.

Dampness and condensation will only be covered if it has resulted from the failure of the developer to comply with the warranty standards.

If you find any issues you should always contact the developer in the first instance, keeping a record of when they were contacted and what was discussed as you will need these if you need to contact the warranty provider.

Please note that your 10-year warranty only covers issues that are the developer’s fault, however, you should also take out home insurance to protect your investment.

If you are planning to sell your newly built property after completion you will need this new build guarantee.

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