10 Best Christmas Movies

You’ve had your fill of turkey and Christmas pudding, so now it’s time to settle down and watch some of the best Christmas Movies that make Christmas feel like Christmas.

Here’s our top 10 of the most-watched:

Miracle on 34th street

A heart-warming story of how miracles can come true if you believe.

The Holiday

Two strangers exchange homes to escape their disastrous love lives. This warm and witty movie is a predictable love story, but has a delightful subplot involving a 90-year-old screenplay writer called Arthur.

White Christmas

They say the old ones are the best and this classic is no exception. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star in this musical extravaganza with a rousing end that brings a tear to your eye.

Die Hard

Yippe-Ki-Yay – although a little less Christmasy, this movie is still a classic at this time of year. Taking place on Christmas Eve this action-packed movie is a good alternative to the festive fluff.

Love Actually

This highly enjoyable rom-com revolves around a selection of couples, including the Prime Minister played by Hugh Grant, working through the complexities of love.

Home Alone

The first of two great movies on what happens when your family disappear and your Home Alone is left to deal with two grimy burglars.

Home Alone  2

This second classic sequel is set in New York where Kevin has been left behind by his family and is lost in the Big Apple. Great family fun.


This tale of one of Santa’s elves who finds out he’s actually human sets out to find his father in New York. Will Ferrell’s excellent acting makes this rather ludicrous story very entertaining.

It’s a Wonderful Life

This wonderful story seems to be the must-watch movie at Christmas. Based on a bank clerk who is down on his luck and on the brink of suicide meets up with an angel who shows him what the world would be like without him. A definite tear-jerker, but a true classic.

A Christmas Carol

There have been many many adaptions to this Charles Dickens novel, based on a penny-picking miser who is forced to change his ways after coming face to face with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Don’t see your favourite, then tell us what you’ll be watching this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Allanwater Homes

Stay safe and have a wonderful festive time.