How to make the most of your garden

It’s the holiday weekend, and it looks like Summer may have finally arrived, so here are some ideas on how to make the most of your garden.

With more people entertaining outside, now is the time to give the garden a re-vamp, but first, you need to consider what style you want to portray – is it a sleek modern style or a French country scene? Then is it decking or paving stones?

With so much to consider, here are a few ideas to help.

Beautiful Paving

The style, colour and layout of your paving can provide a solid visual direction for your garden. Black and silver paving, laid in an organised fashion, provides a contemporary look, while a mixed pattern of golden paving stones has more of an English country garden feel. If you want to capture a French look, consider grey or white stones set out randomly.

Attention to detail is the key in all great design, so having coordinated colours of plants, cushions, etc., makes all the difference.

Grey and white paving work great with purple and white flowers, while black and silver benefit from solid colours like orange, red and yellow.

More subtle soft tones work best with golden paving stones such as pink, pale yellow and lavender.

Furniture styles

Considering the size of your garden sitting area will help determine the style of furniture. For smaller areas, consider folding furniture or bench seating that can sit under the table when not in use. Surprisingly L-shaped sofas can be deceiving and can still look great in smaller spaces without looking overcrowded.

Larger areas can take on seating sets, matching chairs and sofas, sun loungers, swing seats and hanging chairs, tables and day beds.

If you want to get the best from your garden furniture, then invest in the best you can as this will last you longer. Remember when buying tables and chairs to ensure you have enough room for everyone to sit comfortably and leave enough room to walk around the table.

Even in the Summer, the night can be a little cooler, so think about investing in a fire pit or patio heater. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends.

Don’t forget the lighting.

If you want to create an authentic atmosphere in the garden, a selection of different kinds of lights can provide what you are looking for. Whether it’s solar lights you plant in the ground, table lamps, standing lights or candle lanterns, outdoor lighting means you can continue to enjoy the space even after the sunsets.

Whatever you’re planning this Summer, having somewhere to entertain can make socialising better with a comfortable garden area.