Tech solutions for your home office

The world of business has changed with many of us working from home. However, during the recent pandemic, even more, are seeing the benefits of working from home. 

Therefore, creating a comfortable and efficient workspace is essential for productivity. Along with providing an emotional environment to ensure good mental health.

So, whether you have your own home office. Plan to install a garden office. Taken over an area in the house. Creating a calm and inviting space is essential.

Being organised is one thing, but having innovative home technology can save you time, money and stress which you don’t want.

Here are some technical solutions that can enhance the work experience, improve productivity and make working from home even more enjoyable.

Reduce utility costs

While working from home will save you travelling costs, you’ll probably find the new use of lighting and heating could increase your energy bills.

One of the ways to help reduce these costs would be to install a smart heating management solution.

Not only does it let you control the functions from your device, but it also allows you to control which rooms you want to heat.

Ideal if the rest of the house is empty and you’re planning in being in your home office all day.

This smart heating management solution also lets you control the lighting settings for each room with the all-in-one home automation system, allowing you to tailor your needs.

A comfortable workspace

Motivating yourself when working from home can be difficult, that’s why creating an inspiring place to work helps improve motivation and productivity.

Be sure to source an ergonomic, comfortable and supportive seat, a practical desk with plenty of room to work and desk lighting, which not only delivers direct light to your office but can also be cost-efficient. 

Room temperature plays a part in your workspace, too hot or too cold can affect your work performance. The smart control system lets you set the room temperature to the ideal 21 or 22 celsius. 

Uncluttered desk space

A tidy desk delivers a tidy mind – having enough desk space, drawers and shelves will enable you to keep your office clutter-free. After all, you’ll spend most of your day there. 

Having easy to reach sockets with USB fittings can be very handy. Why not fit a smart plug socket and shelf combo for your mobile phone so you can charge it up while keeping your desktop free.

Time management

Although there are many advantages to working from home, there are also some drawbacks.

Homeworking can be distracting, especially when your mind wanders to the household chores you could/should be doing.

However, with voice-activated solutions, such as Alexa or Google, many home functions can be controlled through these with simple commands.

Tell us what efficient solutions you’ve set up in your home office?

Remember all work and no play – take time for that all-important break!