Tips for keeping your house cool in a heatwave

Keeping your house cool in this highly unusual heatwave will provide you with a retreat out of the burning sunlight.

It is a rarety for us to experience these soaring tempratures in Scotland and while we all love the summer weather the mid 80’s farienhieght and rising can be quite uncomfortable.

So we thought we’d provide you with some hot, or maybe I shoukd say cool tips, on lowering the temprature inside.

Close the curtains

Keeping your curtains and blinds shut during the day will not only prevent direct sunlight streaming in your windows and making the heat unbearable, but will eleviate some of the hot tempratures and make the home a little cooler.

Iced Water

As well as drinking more water you can also fill up bowls of water and ice, placing them around the house, in front of fans. If you have to keep a window open then put one on the window sill in front of the open window. This will help to circulate cooler air around the house.. 

Loft Door

If you are lucky enough to have a loft, then try keeping the loft door open this will allow the heat to rise up and escape through the roof and if you have a velux window in the loft open that too.

Electrical appliances

Turn off any major appliances that you are not using, like the television, as most appliances generate heat. Try using the oven less, in fact if you have a garden why not invest in a BBQ and enjoy outdoor eating.

Cool sheets

Sleeping in this heat can be very difficult and although this might sound a bit of a strange tip on keeping cool, it works. So try placing your bed sheets in a bag and put them in the freezer, it really does work and your sure to have a better sleep.


Replace any halogen bulbs with LCD equivalents, not only will they reduce the amount of heat generated, but they also use less energy and will save you money.

We hope these tips help you to stay cool in these hot days.