Light up Christmas

With last years celebrations closed, let’s light up Christmas for 2021 with some spectacular lighting displays across the country. Many people are decorating the exterior of their house and their garden with some Yuletide cheer, from flashing lights to a mixture of snowmen, elves and Santa’s in the garden.

Here are some of Glasgow’s best-decorated homes:

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Here at Allanwater Homes, we are teaming up with Chryston Community Council to sponsor their home and garden lights competition with prizes for the top three best-decorated homes.

So come on everyone in the area light up your Christmas and win a prize.

Here’s some inspiration gathered from across the UK.

Light decorated houses

Light decorated houses

Decorating your home for Christmas is nothing new, Christmas decorations are as old as Christmas itself, in fact, they were mentioned in ancient descriptions of the Roman Feast, Saturnalia, which originated in the 5th century BC.

The tradition of decorating a tree stems back to the Celts who believed this was a symbol of life at the time of the winter solstice and the Scandinavians did the same for their Yule Festival held around Christmas time.

The traditional colours of Christmas haven’t changed, pine green, Snow White and heart red although gold and silver are now common as metallic colours.

The superstition claims that if decorations are kept up after the Twelfth night, they must stay up until the following Twelfth night. And if they are taken down before New Year, bad luck will be bestowed on the house for a whole year.

However, this year let’s forget any superstitions and enjoy a happy and safe festive holiday.

Happy holidays to everyone from Allanwater Homes!