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What happens next?

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What we will do after the Missives are concluded?

What we do after the Missives have been concluded is to remove the property from the market and we will update our solicitors on the sale and also site personnel that the property has now been reserved.

A Reservation Checklist Meeting will be arranged/conducted.  At this meeting, your Sales Advisor, who will be your point of contact throughout the buying process, will go through the checklist with you in detail.  This will provide you with information on e.g. Radiator positioning, TV sockets, Electrical sockets, appliances, plumbing etc.   This document will then be signed off by yourself and submitted to the site.

An options/client selections meeting will be arranged/conducted.  Your Sales Advisor will invite you into the Sales Office to make your selections to personalise your new Allanwater Home. You will then have the option to select from our extensive standard range, or indeed upgrade from a variety of options/client extras available.

Please note that all optional extras/upgrades need to be paid at the time of ordering.  No items shall be submitted to the site until payment has been received in full. Any delay in payment for optional extras will ultimately delay any anticipated date of entry.

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What do I, (The Buyer) do next?

You will need to appoint a solicitor who will be acting on your behalf? It is your responsibility to instruct your solicitor to conclude missives on your behalf.

Please note that any delays to missives being concluded may result in delay of legal completion.

You must also consider the possibility of date of entry being moved (due to weather etc). Whilst we do provide a 3 month window at the commencement of building works on your property. This can change and it would be wise to consider what back up plan you have in the unfortunate event this does happen.

Keep your Sales Advisor updated on information pertaining to the sale of your dependant property, or mortgage arrangements, or indeed any information you believe is necessary in relation to the purchase of your new home.

We would strongly suggest that you refrain from obtaining any full mortgage offer until we have provided you with a 2 month window. Mortgage offers tend to be valid for 6 months. Thus allowing ample time from receipt of mortgage offer or offer of a loan through to legal completion before the mortgage offer expires.