Our process of missives

Within the initial reservation period, usually 28 days, you will then progress to a formal contract with us, where you will be required to pay the missive fees of £1000.


  • Missives must be concluded within 28 days from initial reservation unless formally agreed otherwise and documented.
  • If contracts are not concluded within 28 days from reservation, we have the right to remarket this property. 
  • Any refunds will be subject to administration costs.
  • It is your sole obligation and responsibility to instruct your solicitor to conclude this missive within the agreed timescales (28 days).
  • Any delays in concluding the missives may delay your legal completion date and the installation of any changes or extras, you have requested.

For more information on the protection and rights of the buyer of new homes, visit the consumer code. This states that all new home buyers will be treated fairly and kept fully informed about their purchase before, during and after they have signed the contract.