Your safety is of utmost importance to us. 

Be Safe  

The construction areas are clearly denoted by the Heras fencing and clear warning signs around the site area (please read these closely and always take care). Pedestrian walkways around the site are there to protect you, however, on some of our developments, the street scene required by planning means you must walk on the road. We would ask you to be always vigilant.  

While we build around you  

Until we have completed the development, we will be constructing other family homes around your own, during this time we would ask all visitors and children to be vigilant and not enter the construction area or play in the construction areas. Our site teams will regularly check all fencing and gates, however, if you find anything you are not happy with, please make the site manager aware of your safety concerns, by reporting them to the sales adviser who will relay your message directly. 


Access to the continuing works by contractors or contractor’s vehicles will be limited, however, they may nevertheless be needed. We will seek to limit both the duration and extent of any inconvenience, but please keep the safety of yourself, your family, and your pets in mind while the work continues.  


If you are concerned or require clarification on any site concern, please contact a member of the Allanwater team.