A-Z Jargon-Buster (Part Two)

Buying a new home

Part two of our A-Z Jargon-Buster starts with the letter  F First-time buyer – this relates to anyone who has never purchased a property before and can often take advantage of mortgage deals or government help to allow them to step onto the property ladder. Freehold – this means the owner has the right to […]

The A – Z jargon Buster of buying a house

buying a house

Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make, so you need to fully understand the jargon used in this process. We’ve put together  an A – Z list of the most frequently used terminology and what it means. A –  Agreement in Principal (AIP) – a mortgage advisor will provide this document for […]

Bungalows, the overlooked property choice.

We often overlook bungalows as a property choice, however, the humble bungalow has a lot to offer to all generations. The advantage of these one level properties is versatility. Whether you’re raising a family or planning to retire here are just some reasons for buying a bungalow. Spacious Homes Bungalows are either detached or semi-detached, […]

Housing market experiences mini-boom post lockdown

Housing market mini-boom

Despite the concerns for the economy as we come out of lockdown, the housing market is experiencing a bit of a mini-boom at present.  The housing market is fighting back as many homebuyers look to find homes with garden space or an extra room to accommodate a working-from-home area. Also, with the reduction in the […]

Tech solutions for your home office

working from home

The world of business has changed with many of us making space for a home office to work from home. However, during the recent pandemic, even more, are seeing the benefits of working from home.  Therefore, creating a comfortable and efficient workspace is essential for productivity. Along with providing an emotional environment to ensure good […]

Buying your New Home goes virtual

Virtual home buying

New home developers go virtual with online reservations and video walkthroughs. During this period of lockdown, it can feel like your whole life has come to a grinding halt. However, more and more businesses are changing the way they do business going forward and new home developers are no exception. With the power of video, […]

What Makes Our Homes Energy Efficient?

Earlier this week, Barclay’s announced that it will be launching the UK’s first ever green mortgage for those who buy energy efficient homes. But what exactly is an energy efficient home? An Allanwater Home is built with all the latest energy efficient and eco-friendly materials that reduce CO2 emissions and running costs from the foundations […]