How to make more space in the bedroom

We spend a large part of our life in the bedroom so having a comfortable spacious room is important.

A third of our life is spent sleeping with even more time is spent in the bedroom, so maximising the space can make all the difference.

At Allanwater Homes the majority of our homes come with built-in wardrobes which frees up floor space and takes the stress away of trying to move bulky wardrobes and making sure they fit within the ceiling height.


The strategic use of mirrors can give the illusion of room size, providing a sense of depth, positioning them in areas of the room that can reflect more space.


If you’re a collector of ornaments, books or photographs, then putting up shelves can provide space for all these items without hindering the room size yet still allowing you to showcase these items. If you have a spare corner then utilising a corner unit can sometimes take care of this without affecting room space.

Bed Size

While we would all love a kingsize bed or four-poster style you don’t want to overpower the room where the bed is the main focus or the only piece of furniture you can have. When you’re buying a new bed consider the frame size, think about storage drawers or an ottoman style bed.


Natural light is always the best option, letting it fill the room during the day. However, there are ways to enhance this by using light furniture that can reflect the brightness and create a perception of depth.

All our homes are designed to provide both light and space making the best use of floor space and providing ample storage throughout.

Speak to one of our sales advisers at your chosen development and find out more about what’s on offer.